One day someone asked me to write a story. I don’t remember that day – I think it was at school – but I remember the story. It talked about another world and a knight receiving a message saying the princess he loved was in danger and needed a savior. But the princess was quietly living her own life in her own castle. Everything was alright for the young lady till the day the knight crossed the door of her court – a spell on that door (who the hell would cast such a spell?) split him into two: a strong and evil black knight who kidnapped the princess and a good powerless guy with no armour – the latter instantly sent by the spell into a distant a different world – ours – forever thinking of his lost princess. End of story.

I decided it was too odd and wrote a story about a knight saving the princess from a dragon instead. It gained me a good grade.


I love stories. For many years I thought I just loved to read (which I do), but what I really enjoy is a good story to hear or tell to others. Good or bad, every story is worth telling – the bad once only once, the rest, maybe, forever.

It doesn’t matter to me how a story is told, and with “how” I don’t mean good or bad – that is really important to me – but I mean the media used doesn’t matter. If a story is a good one, I don’t care if it is in book, a movie, a game or a comic book – I’ll consume it and eat it whole, and, since I am a boring guy that likes to talk and talk (and talk and talk), I decided to open a blog so that nobody will stop me!

I’ll leave here comments about stories, cool characters and, from time to time, I’ll post some of my boring stories too (most of them are in Italian – sorry!).

I am a software guy – I pay my bills, food and board games pushing buttons and making machines jump and run. I grew up in Italy (Sicily to be precise) and I learned a lot from that culture – especially the love for food, a lazy day and something good to talk amongst friends. I live in Edinburgh now – picture it as a giant castle with a castle within (like a lounge with a VIP lounge but more dark ages and classy) – and so I battle wind and rain to reach my office in the morning while still enjoying traveling on weekends.

Two, above all, make my days enjoyable. My beautyfur cat (Po) and my awesome wife that I use as an emoticon system!

PS: I love pictures, especially when they move!