Advertising 101 for Writers

Advertising 101 for Writers: Introduction

Hey everybody! It’s been a while since last time I wrote on the blog.

Brief off-topic: I have to admit that I’ve neglected this platform for a while. I have some excuses I can use to deflect anyone’s accusation of having left y’all to your own devices. In quick sequence:

  • I changed job and I had to make sure everyone would survive my departure while also getting used to new responsibilities.
  • I moved from the UK to the US, bought a house and survived the second mortgage process of my life.

All is good under the sun though, because we are back together now once again, and I have a new project for you.

What’s with this advertising thing?

As writers, one day or another we all realise that whatever we write doesn’t exist unless someone reads it. As sad as it sounds, this is very much true given the huge offer the readers have these days.

So, how do you get your first readers when nobody knows you?

Simple enough, you buy them through ads.

How can I help?

Luckily, during my day-work, for the past six years I’ve built automated systems for advertising. In a certain way, I know more about this world than I do about writing. (sigh!)

In the next few weeks, I am going to write a series of articles (Advertising 101 for Writers) to initiate you to the world of online advertising. Nothing too complex, we are a writing blog after all!

How is this going to work?

Every article is going to be about one fundamental aspect of online advertising, from basic metrics to return of investment to the most common tools.

I will also add some in-depth articles on specific topics to make sure that the most curious can be satisfied too.

Not to confuse anyone, I will mark basic articles with [B] and advanced articles with [A]. This makes it easy for you to skip the ones you don’t care about.

Hopefully, this can be useful in your journey to become a successful writer.

Click here to jump to the first lesson.

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